End of School Year Tools for Creative Summative Assessment

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May 16, 2014
Looking to flex your creative muscle and build something? Here are a set of useful digital tools to help you put together all kinds of things, from websites to presentations to newsletters and more. Make something to enhance your lesson, or have your students construct something as a creative summative assessment activity.


Project this free quiz creator onto a whiteboard to show the real-time scores of your students. Or, use it for private quizzes.

Enhance your slide decks with audio and animated drawings. Then host live questions and manage the back channel of your presentations. 

Create a personalized newsletter based on the links tweeted by the people you are following. Articles are ranked by popularity.

 Put your photos through this wide collection of filters to produce stunning, and even funny images. Available as a free web or mobile app.

 Record your voice to augment your slide deck as a video you can embed on a blog. Or use this site to put together a simple podcast.

Assemble an online poster with easy drag & drop controls, then share it with friends, colleagues, or students.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools .
Maker/Coding Apps 

A collection of "maker" apps to help students construct their learning, 21st-century style. Curated by technology coach Elizabeth Espinoza.

 A collection of useful apps for encouraging and developing creativity. Curated by educator Linda Nitsche