Apps for Kindergarten Students

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May 22, 2014
The responsiveness of a touchscreen has made the iPad a remarkable tool for learning. Since our little learners are often the beneficiaries of these tools, here are some teacher-tested apps for young students.

Reading Rainbow 

Remember this PBS TV show? Actor LeVar Burton has resurrected it as a curated library of kid-friendly digital books.

Or look for a digital book yourself with this free library of books from around the world.

This iPad app teaches your little learner how to write letters and numbers in a fun, friendly, and supportive way.

Interact with a series of stories interwoven with games that teach cognitive, social, and emotional early-learning skills.

Inspired by a kindergarten teacher, this word game helps children associate new words with letters of the alphabet.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools

Early Childhood Apps 

Recommended apps for early childhood classrooms. Curated by classroom teacher Heather Rogers.

The apps used in kindergarten at the School District of Beloit in Wisconsin.

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