A Series of Awesome Free iPad Apps to Improve Kids Writing Skills

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May 30, 2014
In today's post I am sharing with you two popular series of iPad apps to help your kids improve their writing skills. These  series are : Jumbled Sentences and I Can Write.

1- Jumbled Sentences
 Jumbled Sentences series consists of 5 iPad apps that young learners can use to gradually enhance their composing skills through the use of a wide range of learning activities. These activities involve constructing sentences from jumbled words and learning the word order in a fun way. These apps also provide immediate feedback on learners answers through the use of the " self-checking" functionality.

Here is the full list of Jumbled Sentences series:

2- I Can Write 
The second series of apps I want to share with you today is called I Can Write. This series is designed to help kids learn to write correctly through the use of drag and drop activities in which they are shown a picture with several objects and they have to drag objects into different parts of the picture. With each move they make, they need to write a sentence about it. The activities are so much fun and kids will definitely love them.