A Must Have Rubric for Effective Implementation of PBL in Your School

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May , 2014
Project based learning is a teaching learning methodology that has been widely praised for its efficacy in enhancing learning achievements.The premise underlying PBL revolves around  getting students engaged in authentic learning events through the integration of mini-projects in class. These projects can be as short as one day and as long as a year. However, there is a difference between mere projects and project based learning. This table from Teachbytes provides a great illustration of the nuances between the two concepts.

Check out the full graphic from this page.

project based learning

Applying the concept of project based learning in instruction requires that the education stakeholders especially schools and district leaders understand its core precepts and consequently  adopt an informed strategy to support the effective classroom implementation of PBL.To this end, the rubric below from BIE provides schools with a clear roadmap of what it looks like to be a school with a fully developed PBL program. You can download this 2 pages rubric from BIE page ( you need to register to download it, registration is free though).