A Handy Chart Featuring New Learners Vs New Teachers

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May 20, 2014
I am actually reading a book by Kalantzis Mary and Bill Cope entitled "Literacies". In this wonderful work, the authors take you into an eventful journey back into the history of literacy and guide you through the major changes that marked the use of literacy in each era and how teaching pedagogy has been shaped by the meaning that literacy takes in each of these eras. The book also outlines four major approaches to literacy : Didactic literacy , authentic literacy, functional literacy, and critical literacy. Each of these approaches has its own ramifications in education and pedagogy. I will write more in details about these four types of approaches in an article to be published in the few coming weeks.

As I was reading "Literacies" I came across this wonderful chart that captures the essence of the thinking and values that lie behind the new assigned roles of teachers and student. These roles are informed by the new conceptions of literacies which regard learning and teaching as a collaborative process of meaning making.

Table taken from " Literacies"