A Great Mindmapping and Notetaking iPad App Is Now Free- Was $4.99

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May 27, 2014
MagicalPad HD has gone free today for a limited time. It used to cost $4,99. The MAC version of this app whose regular cots is $39.99 s now 30% off. I hope you would grab and install the iPad app of MagicalPad HD since  it's free because the powerful features it provides are just what every teacher needs to take his/her productivity level to the next stage.

MagicalPad HD is a robust note taking app better even than the free Evernote app. MagicalPad HD combines 5 key functionalities : creating notes, creating outlines, visual task management, powerful outlining and dedicated task review.

 MagicalPad HD allows you to create notes, brainstorm ideas, make lists, and design outlines and mindmaps. You can integrate into your notes things such as pictures, drawings, outlines, mindmaps and text boxes.This app also provides an advanced set of mind mapping tools that enable users to create  awesome mindmaps and outlines and easily convert them into different formats.

MigacalPal HD embeds a visual task manager that is similar to a dashboard where you can easily manage your notes , add icons, tangs, set due dates, reminders and add tasks and attachments to topics. Users can also track their tasks and edit and mange them anytime they want. Final products can be exported in various formats including OMPL, PDF, JPEG, RTF, and TXT. They can also be shared via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Evernote or through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

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