A Great Free Guide for Using iPad in Your Classroom

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May 17, 2014
I have just finished reading this awesome short iBook and want to share with you as well. The iPad Ideas Book is a free guide to help teachers use iPad in their classrooms. This work is created by Greg Kulowiec and is available for free download on the iTune store.

The iPad Idea Book is meant to be a quick inspirational guide to using the iPad in the classroom. The ideas are not meant to act as direct step by step tutorials, but rather as a conceptual framework that can be modified, improved and adjusted as apps change, update and improve over time.

Here are some of the ideas you will get to learn from this guide.

  • Createnarrated comic books
  • Create collaborative video with Google Drive and iMovie
  • Video reflections on Writing
  • Display ideas in real-time on any device from iPad
  • Create, present, and record presentations
  • Virtual world tours
  • Crating digital portfolios using Drive and other apps
  • paperless research and writing process
  • reading analysis and word clouds
  • Creating and sharing audio with GarageBand and Google Drive and Dropbox

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