7 Excellent Tools for Assessment in One to One Classroom

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May 11, 2014
Today I am sharing with you a set of useful web tools for assessment in the one to one classroom. These tools are compiled by Apple Distinguished Educator Monica from Class Tech Tips and featured in this presentation . One of the tools included in this slideshow called Understoodit is no longer available and has become EventMobi. Here is a round-up of all the assessment tools Monica compiled:

1- Nearpod

  • Create interactive presentations
  • Embed quizzes, polls, and interactive responses

2- Edmodo

  •  Assign quizzes 
  • Students submit files 
  •  Make announcements, message

3- ClassDojo

  • Collect data on positive and negative behaviors 
  •  Print out reports to share with parents and students 

4- Socrative

  •  Create your own assessments 
  • Exit slips, multiple choice, short answer, true/false 
  • No login or student accounts needed

5- Screenchomp

  •  Records student work; video capture 
  •  Share on multiple platforms: send as an email, replay, tweet 
  •  Check for understanding, portfolio piece

6- The Answer Pad

  •  Use a test you’ve already made (on paper) 
  • Create an electronic answer sheet
  •  Students use their iPad app or web browser to record their answer 

7- Google Forms 

  •  Create forms to track student progress 
  •  Create forms that act like a survey to quiz students