7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

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May 9, 2014
Twitter is one best social networking platforms for building personal/professional learning communities and for engaging with others in discussions around similar interests. Creating a community on Twitter is as easy as creating a hashtag and sharing it with others. The power of hashtags lies in the fact that they build community around content. There are now several wonderful hashtags designed specifically for teachers and educators. Some of the prominent hashtags in this regard include #edchat and #edtech and for a comprehensive lis of all the educational hashtags available on Twitter, check out this chart.

To better leverage the power of Twitter for your professional development , one needs to move from the consumption phase where one only consumes what others share to the production phase where one gets to produce and share with others . Production here does not necessarily mean that you have to share only things you have yourself written, sharing can include anything that you find online and which you think will benefit people in your Twitter PLN. This could be a video on YouTube, a link to an article on a newspaper, an interesting blog post...etc. Sharing is only one way to engage with your Twitter community, the visual below features some other useful ways to help you increase your engagement with your Twitter PLN.

    Source: Openforum.com

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