6 Gmail Tips Every Teacher Should Know about

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May 12, 2014
In today's post, I am sharing with you six important tips you definitely need to be using with your Gmail. These tips will increase your productivity and save you so much time . For more tips and tutorials on how to use Gmail, I recommend that you check Gmail Help Forum.

1- Sort emails into folders
Gmail allows you to sort and save your emails into folders using the label functionality. For instance I created a folder labelled " Amazon books" where I aggregate confirmation emails I receive every time I buy a book on Amazon. The folders you create are displayed in the left column of your Gmail window. Here is how you can create folders:

First check the emails you want to put in the folder, click on the icon as shown in step 2 below then select " create new", give your folder a name and there you go.

2-  Mark Emails 
Use stars to easily mark certain messages as important or to indicate that you need to reply to them later. Stars appear to the left of the sender’s name in your inbox and only you can see if you’ve starred a message.
To star a message just click on   star icon next to the sender's name.

3- Inbox Tabs and Category labels
Your messages are classified into categories such as Promotions, Social and Updates. You can choose to use categories as inbox tabs, and as labels. These categories make it easy to focus on messages that are important to you and read messages of the same type all at once. Gmail lets you customize the ones you want to see displayed in your inbox by simply clicking on the + icon to the right of your tabs Use the checkboxes to show or hide each tab.  Click Save.

4- Attachments in emails
When you receive an email with attachments, you’ll see thumbnails of the attachments at the bottom of your message. Click the attachment thumbnail to instantly view the attachment or see more options like print and share. Move your mouse over the attachment thumbnail and use the buttons to quickly Download or Save to Drive (depending on the type of attachment).

If you see icons in the corner directly above the attachments, that means you can download, save, or share all of the attachments at once.

Gmail bulk actions for attachments

5- Use the search box
It can be difficult to browse through hundreds of old emails just to find the one you need. So try searching Gmail instead. The search box is at the top of your Gmail screen. Simply type the word you're looking for in the search box and click the magnifying icon. For example, if you're looking for a message with the word "shopping", type in the word shopping.

If you're having trouble finding the result you want, you can refine your search by clicking the arrow in the search box, and entering your search in the appropriate fields (or use  advanced operators).

Gmail Search Box

Gmail advanced search box

6- Undo Sent messages
This is a great functionality that offers Gmail users the possibility to undo their messages within a limited period of time ( 10 seconds since you hit send button). To activate this service Click on 
the gear icon on the righthand side, and then select Settings. Go to Labs, scroll down to Undo Send and choose  "enable."

When this service is activated you will be able to see a yellow bar at the top of your Gmail each time you send an email.The message in this bar reads "Your message has been sent," and will offer you the option to "undo" or "view message." If you choose "undo," your message turns back into a draft.