3 Good Web Tools to Create Interactive Lessons and Presentations

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This post has been updated on October 2021.

In October 2021, I compiled and share another another list featuring 10 EdTech tools to create interactive lessons. Check it out and share with us your feedback.

Below are some great web tools that you can use to create interactive lessons and presentations. These tools  allow you to breathe life into your teachable content making more interactive an engaging through the use of images, videos, links to web pages and many more. Some of them even enable you to gather instant feedback from students through synchronous polls or text messaging.

1- ClassFlow

Designed specifically for teachers, ClassFlow is a revolutionary cloud-based application that makes lesson planning more efficient and lesson delivery more meaningful by connecting mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to SMART Boards, Promethean ActivBoards and other interactive classroom displays.

2-  Swipe

Swipe is another  web tool for creating interactive presentations. Here are some of the features it provides to its users:
  • 'Drag & drop to upload, add web content, share a link and present live to any audience, anywhere.
  • Your presentation links will never expire, unless you delete a presentation.
  • Drag & Drop to rearrange your slides on any device, right in the browser.
  • Easily include YouTube or Vimeo videos 
  • All of your decks are private by default, you decide when and who to share it with.
  • Easy to share, embed, and track how many people viewed it.'

Nearpod allows teachers to bring the classroom to life with interactive features. Here is how it works:
  • 'Create or download multimedia presentations
  • Share your interactive lesson and control the students activity in real time
  • Your students interact and submit responses through any mobile device or PC/MAC
  • Monitor and measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis.'
This list is courtesy of Jonathan Wylie