24 Great iPad Apps for Your Classroom

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May 15, 2014
For those of you looking for educational apps to use with students in class, below is a selection I have curated specifically for you. This selection covers apps pertaining to four main categories: apps for creating instructional multimedia materials for your class, apps to increase teacher-student interaction, apps to assess students works, apps to creating interactive lessons and presentations. All of these apps have been previously featured in the popular visual " iPad As Teacher's Pet".

A- Apps for creating instructional multimedia materials for your class

Design labelling, sorting, and matching puzzles for your students using stick around. Play as a group, hand your iPad ff to students, or share to other iPads.

2- Explain Everything

Use Explain Everything to record your voice as you draw on a whiteboard. You can also import images and video and add annotations and animations.

3- Educreations

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Videos are uploaded to your page on educreations.com

4- VideoScribe HD

Create animated  videos with VideoScribe HD by placing text and illustrations on a canvas. Your narration plays as a hand draws what's on the canvas.

5- Snapguide

Share beautiful step-by-step how-to guides using Snapguide. Take or import photos or video and add captions. Guides are published on snapguide.com

6- Haiku Deck

Create stunning slideshows with Haiku Deck. Simply enter your text to see copyright-friendly images that you can use as backgrounds.


Create, edit, present, and share presentations that zoom and rotate using Prezi. Insert text and images onto a large canvas. Uploads to Prezi.com

8-Strip Designer

Craft your own comic strip pr book with Strip Designer. Select a template, insert photos, and add balloons.

9- Audioboo

Use Audioboo to record up to 10 minutes of audio. Every recording generates a link that you can copy and share.

9- Songify

Songify turns speech into singing. Your voice is auto-tuned and combined wit music

B-Apps to increase teacher-student interaction

Create multiple choice and open-ended polls. Students respond by going to a URL on any device or computer or by sending a tex message. See the results in real-time on your iPad.

2- Kahoot

Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system. The teacher can create quizzes and surveys on getkahoot.com. Students join on any device or computer by entering the game-pin at kahoot.it

3- Plickers

Poll your students without the need for them to have any devices. Simply print a card for each student to hold up. Pan your iPad across the room so Plickers can scan the cards using the camera.

4- Remind101

Use the Remind101 app to send text messages and emails to groups of students or parents. Teachers never see students' phone numbers, and students never see theirs.

5- Game Show Soundboard

Top to instantly play sound effects that are great when playing game shows in the classroom. There are even countdown timers, complete with dramatic music. Sound best with speakers.

6- PicMeBuzzer

Have up to 5 students gather around your iPad to host a little competition where students buzz in. You can clearly see who touched their number first. PickMeBuzzer can be set up to work with multiple Apple devices.

C- Apps to assess students works

Three Ring

Three Ring is an app and a website. Use the app to digitize student work by taking photos or recording video or voice. The student work is securely synced to the teacher's account at Threering.com where the teacher can add comments. Items can be shared with students and parents.


While not specifically made for assessment, Evernote works well to collect learning artifacts and make anecdotal notes. Make a notebook for each class and a note for each student. Notes can include text, images, video, audio, and other files. The Evernote app is synced with Evernote for Mac, PC, and Web.


Easily find or create rubrics in your web browser. Complete them by going to ForAllRubrics.com in Safari on your iPad. Safari can store and sync rubrics for use offline. You can print rubrics or save a PDF or spreadsheet. You can also have students log in to view their rubrics.

Qucik Key

Quick Key eliminates hand-grading of multiple choice answer sheets. A teacher inputs classes, students, and quizzes into the app or into the web interface at quickkeyapp.com. Students fill in the Quick Key bubble sheet and the app grades it instantly by scanning it  through the iPad's camera.


iDoceo is your new powerful and easy to use gradebook for the iPad. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages in real time as you put information in. No internet connection is required to use it. You can insert any kind information for each class, student and semester visually, no more boring spreadsheets. Scroll , expand, filter, export,import and view your information at any time. 

D- Apps to creating interactive lessons and presentations.

1- ClassFlow

Designed specifically for teachers, ClassFlow is a revolutionary cloud-based application that makes lesson planning more efficient and lesson delivery more meaningful by connecting mobile devices such as tablets and laptops to SMART Boards, Promethean ActivBoards and other interactive classroom displays.

EverySlide is a great presentation tool that you can use with your students. Here is how it works:
Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote, the same way you always did. Upload it to everyslide.com and press present. You will get a unique URL your students can use to join your slideshow using any device they happen to have. Now ask a question or run an instant poll.
After the presentation, you can review participants' interactions online or download their responses and answers as a spreadsheet.

3-  Swipe

Swipe is another wonderful web tool for creating interactive presentations. Here are some of the features it provides to its users:
  • Drag & drop to upload, add web content, share a link and present live to any audience, anywhere.
  • Your presentation links will never expire, unless you delete a presentation.
  • Drag & Drop to rearrange your slides on any device, right in the browser.
  • Easily include YouTube or Vimeo videos 
  • All of your decks are private by default, you decide when and who to share it with.
  • Easy to share, embed, and track how many people viewed it.

Movenote is a video presentation tool that works both on the web and online and on portable devices.  Recording your presentations is easy and quick and everything is sharable online by email or social media with a simple link. Since everything is on a cloud server, you can access your videos practically anywhere and with the statistics tool you will be able to see who watched your video and when. Movenote videos can be watched on any device that supports video, no matter if they have movenote on them or not. You can use movenote directly from your Gmail and your Google Drive and on any desktop computer, laptop, iOS or An2droid device. 

5- Nearpod

Nearpod allows teachers to bring the classroom to life with interactive mobile presentations. Here is how it works:
  • Create or download multimedia presentations
  • Share your interactive lesson and control the students activity in real time
  • Your students interact and submit responses through any mobile device or PC/MAC
  • Monitor and measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis.