Wonderful Visual Featuring The Three Versions of Bloom's Taxonomy

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April 4, 2014
I have been sharing several visuals on Bloom's Taxonomy over the last couple of years but I  never came across a graphic that captures the essence of the three versions of Bloom's taxonomy as the one below. Actually, Bloom's taxonomy comes only into two versions, the original which was created by a  committee of educators chaired by  Benjamin Bloom  sometime in the 1950s of last century. During the 1990s another group of educators and cognitive psychologists led by Lorin Anderson ( a former student of Bloom) updated the original version to make it convenient with the learning needs of the 21st century. I first heard about digital Bloom's taxonomy from the works of Andrew Churches and since then several other scholars have written about it. For more resources on Bloom's Taxonomy, please visit this page.

Source of this graphic: http://mnpsbloom.weebly.com/

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