What The Heck is A Selfie All About ?

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April 16, 2014
Since its inclusion into the Oxford English dictionary last year, the word selfie has witnessed an explosive popularity particularly in the social media arena. A selfie is a personal portrait, a self-image usually taken using a hand held device such as a smartphone. You  have probably come across some of them in your Instagram or Facebook feeds. And while the concept of a selfie is still in its embryonic stages, I believe that it will be a fertile area of research for online sociologists.

As I was poring over the articles that have been written on this phenomenon so far I was surprised to find out the huge controversy as to how people view them. While some view it as an excessive and pathological form of self obsession, narcissism and self indulgence, others consider it as a token of self worth.

In a recent article featured in Huffingtonpost, Molly argued that selfies are a good way for millennials to fulfill a lost self-worth. Feeling dejected and frustrated  with the harsh realities of life, millennials fall back on   self picture taking to make them feel good about themselves and boost their self-esteem.
Seeing a close up picture of your own face and willingly showing it to thousands of people with one click is a form of self-confidence that I don't think should be quickly dismissed. It's taking a risk and opening the door to criticism but hoping for positive reinforcement and love.
 If you are thinking  about whether to post a selfie or not, the flowchart below has the answer for you.

I learned about this visual through Techchef4u.

selfie source: Alliworthington