Useful Tools to Help Your Maintain You Class Website or Blog

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April 11, 2014
A class website can be very helpful. Not only can parents use it to stay up-to-date, and students to keep track of assignments they've missed, but teachers can also use it as a guide for the next year. But how does a teacher find the time to maintain a class website? Here are a set of tools that can help.


 Collect all of the websites you find in this handy tool for teachers. Or use this for your class website.


 Introducing a new website to your students? Use this screen recorder to create a quick video tutorial.

Pixlr Express

 Your class photos need some polish? This free tool can do everything from cropping to resizing to removing red-eye.


Here is a simple feedback widget that you can embed onto your website as a poll or guestbook.

For more tools , please check out these collections.


The best way to teach with digital content. Create a lesson in 5 minutes.

Creative Tools

 Mac-based apps for creating and editing graphics, audio, movies, and animations. Curated by technology trainer & consultant Jean Morgan.

Librarian Favorites/Publishing Tools

 A list of librarian La Gina Gross' favorite sites for publishing personal work onto the web.

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