Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers

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April 10, 2014
ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders. People with ADHD find it hard to concentrate on a single chore at a time, however, though they are strong symptoms of ADHD, lack of inattention or focus alone is not enough to diagnose somebody as having ADHD. Academy of Pediarics categorized ADHD into three major types:

1- Inattentive:
Child exhibits significant inattention across multiple domains with no significant hyperactivity or impulsivity. This is what used to be considered ADD.
2- Hyperactivity:
Child exhibits adequate attentional control, however, presents with significant deficits with activity level/or impulse control.
3- Combined:
The most common form of ADHD in which the child struggles with paying attention as well as regulating behaviour.

To help teachers learn more about ADHD, here is an awesome infographic I want you to have a look at.

Check out What is ADHD to learn more.


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