Two Awesome Tools to Create Surveys and Polls Without Registering

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March 2, 2013
There are a wide variety of web tools that enable students to create surveys and polls to use for learning purposes, however most of these tools do require registration, something which drives away many teachers from recommending them to their students. Today, I am sharing with you two practical tools that students can use to create easy and simple surveys without having to create any account.


Yarp is a web tool that allows students to create both surveys and event invitations. To create a survey just click on the survey button and type in your question. Yarp surveys are made up of only one question whose answer is either in 'yes or no' or true or false'.The finished survey can be shared with others through email or via using the generated URL.


This is another great web tool that students can use to create polls without having to register. Unlike Yarp, Flisti allows for multiple answers. You can add as many answers as you want by clicking on 'add answer' button. Polls created by Flisti can be shared in social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.