Thousands of Free High Resolution Maps for Teachers to Use and Download

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April 4, 2014
New York Public Library has recently announced the release of more than 20.000 cartographic works and maps as high resolution downloads. NYPL is distributing these maps under a  Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. The maps can be  viewed through the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections page, and downloaded (!), through the Map Warper.

Through these projects, we’ve built up a great collection of: 1,100 maps of the Mid-Atlantic United States and cities from the 16th to 19th centuries, mostly drawn from the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection; a detailed collection of more than 700topographic maps of the Austro-Hungarian empire created between 1877 and 1914; a collection of 2,800 maps from state, county and city atlases (mostly New York and New Jersey); a huge collection of more than10,300 maps from property, zoning, topographic, but mostly fire insurance atlases of New York City dating from 1852 to 1922; and an incredibly diverse collection of more than 1,000 maps of New York City, its boroughs and neighborhoods, dating from 1660 to 1922, which detail transportation, vice, real estate development, urban renewal, industrial development and pollution, political geography among many, many other things.

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