The Best Educational Web Tools to Engage Students in 1:1 Classrooms

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April 28, 2014
Here is one of the best educational web tool collections I have come across this year. The slideshow presentation below is created by Jonathan Wylie and presented in Iowa 1:1 conference this April. Jonathan provides a wide variety of web tools that schools and teachers can use to engage students in 1:1 classrooms. Almost all of these tools can work across different devices and can also be accessible both at home and at school via the web.

Jonathan arranged these tools into different categories. Luckily all the tools included in the presentation below are hyperlinked. Click on any title to access the corresponding tool. Here is a brief round-up of the categories covered :
  • Backchannel tools
  • Assessment tools
  • Flipped classroom tools
  • Presentation tools
  • Coding in The classroom
  • Content curation tools
  • Creation Tools
  • Gamification tools