Tackk A Great Free Tool for Creating Digital Portfolios

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April 7, 2014
Tackk is a wonderful web page that you can use with your students in class to do a vareity of tasks. Students do not even need to register to use the service, however, unregistered Tackk pages last only for 7 days after which they are deleted.
Students can use Tackk to create digital portfolios to display their digital works. These portfolios can include different materials such as text, photos, videos, and audio files. Here is how they can use it:

Head over to Tackk homepage and click on "create". If you register ( it's free) you will be able to save your creations forever.

Now you can either choose 'Blank Canvas' or ' blog post' either way, you will be directed to a Tackkboard where you can add your digital materials.

Click on the + button and select what  you want to add.

You can add text, headlines, photos, videos, audio, buttons, maps, and forms.

You can also use the authoring tools on the right to change text fonts, colours,and patterns.

Click on 'options' to select whether you want your Tackk to be public or set it to private

Click on 'share' to share your Tackk page on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus. or send it via email, or use the HTML code to embed it in your blog or website. You can also print it using the print button.

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