iPad Basics Students Need to Know about

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April 8, 2014
Yesterday when I posted "How to Control What Students Can Do on iPad Using Guided Access", somebody emailed me asking for an iPad basics  guide to share with her students. I have had a look at my archive and found this wonderful presentation.The slideshow below  features the essential and  basic tips iPad beginners need to know about in order to tap into the full potential of this versatile device.

Here is a round-up of the things your students will get to learn from this presentation:
  • How to pen an app, minimalize it and fully close it
  • How to use the different features of iPad control centre
  • How to use multitasking gestures
  • How to move and delete apps
  • How to customize iPad dock
  • How to create folders to organize your apps
  • How to create web clips
  • How to use favourite bar and bookmarking
  • How to save images on Safari
  • How to take a screenshot
  • How to use spotlight search feature
  • How to customize your security settings
  • How to activate Speak Selection
  • How to enable Guided Access
  • How to magnify text
  • How to cut/copy/paste
  • How to split your iPad keyboard
  • How to use iBooks to read PDFs
  • Using graphic organizers
  • How to customize Wallpaper
  • Typing tips
  • How to restart your iPad properly
  • Evaluating apps