iPad Apps Aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy and SMAR Model

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April 20, 2014
Here is another wonderful conceptualization of how iPad apps can be aligned with both Bloom's Taxonomy and SAMR model. Doug Loader from iSupport has created this terrific Venn diagram featuring the 3 Cs activities : Consumption, collaboration, and Creation. Doug contended that the apps that  we use fall under one of these Cs. For an effective educational use of iPad apps, Doug recommends that teachers make a concise balance between the apps and the 3 Cs posing questions such as :
  • Which apps are you consuming (researching, learning specific facts) with?
  • Which apps are you collaborating (sharing, building, assessing) with?
  • Which apps are you creating (combining, presenting, concluding) with?
As is shown in the diagram below, Doug provided various examples of apps to be used with the 3 Cs. He also assigned the appropriate Bloom's thinking level to each of these categories. In a second diagram, Doug aligned the two models of Blooms Taxonomy and SAMR model with iPad apps. You can check this diagram here.