In-Class Flip Vs Flipped Classroom Learning

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April , 2014
In the video below, Cult of Pedagogy explains the differences between traditional flipped learning and in-class flip. Here are some highlights from it:

Traditional flipped classroom:
Instead of using valuable class time delivering content to students then having them apply that learning at home,you pre-cord direct instruction and have students watch it at home then in class they work on homework or the application part.

There are two problems with this kind of arrangement: first is access. Traditional flipped learning is great when all students have access to technology at home but if they don't the flip can fall apart. Second, some homes are not conducive to the kind of learning that a traditional flip requires.
A working alternative that accounts for the inconveniences of the traditional flipped classroom is called 'In-Class Flip".

In-Class Flip
Whereas a traditional flip depends heavily on things going right at home, the in-class flip keeps all parts of the flip at school thus ensuring that more students benefit from the flipped concept. Watch the video below to learn how the In-class flip works.