Here is How to Add Images and Videos to Your Google Forms

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April 14, 2014
Google Forms do not have to necessarily contain only textual input, adding some multimedia materials like images and videos can even make these forms more appealing and content rich. It is almost a year now since Google integrated the features to add images and videos to Forms and below are two visual guides to help you use these two features:

1- Here is how you can add an image to your Form

To add an image to your form, click on the " add item" button displayed in your Google Forms and select " image" just as shown in the snapshot below.

There are three ways you can embed an image in your Google form:

1- You can drag and drop it in the designated area or you can click on " choose and image" and upload it from your hard drive.
2- You can upload images from the web by pasting their URLs in the content bar provided there
3- You can embed a snapshot into your forms. Just click on " take a snapshot " and you are good to go.
4- You can also add images from your Google Drive.
see these four steps in this screenshot

When you upload your image you can then give it a title and type in the hover text. The hover text is self explanatory, it is the words users will see when they hover on the image. The hover text is also important in cases when the image does not appear in a certain web browser.

You can also control the placement of your image: either aligning it to the right, centering it, or aligning it to the left.

If you want to change the image you selected ,you click on the " change" button right above the image and go through the process mentioned previously.

2- Adding videos to Google Forms

Now to add a video to your form, head over to your Google Drive account and click on 'create' then select forms. Select a template for your form and move on to next page where you have to click on "add item" and choose video.

Now you can either search for YouTube videos right from the popped-up pane or copy and paste the URL of the video you want to use.


This is how the video will look like inside your form

You can also change the placement of the video by moving it to the left, right or centre.