For Teachers: The Difference between Fair Use and Copyright

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As our students' dependence on digitality increases so do the challenges posed by this relatively novel mode of learning. One of these challenges is the issue of copyright. In this post, I compiled a list of interesting YouTube videos together with other resources that you can use with students to help them understand the concepts of copyright, fair use and public domain. 

Fair use
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1. Creativity, Copyright, and Fair Use

In this video, Common Sense Education explains the concepts of copyright, public domain and fair use.

2. Understanding Copyright, Public Domain, and Fair Use

This is a video by explaining the different practices related to copyright, public domain, and fair use. There is also a text-based lesson on copyright and fair use which you can access from this link.

3. Copyright on YouTube

In this video, YouTube Creators answer questions related to fair use, what it is, how it is determined by law, and how it is used in YouTube. 

4. Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property

In this CrashCourse video, Stan Muller explains what copyright and fair use are all about and how copyright enforcement works.

5. Intellectual Property video series

"In 7 episodes, Stan Muller teaches you about Intellectual Property! This course introduces you to the concept and importance of intellectual property, and covers copyright, patents, international IP law and problems with intellectual property. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

* Define intellectual property, copyright, patents, and other relevant terms
* Complicate the idea of an intellectual property versus technology binary
* Understand the impact of intellectual property in your daily life and the wider community
* Describe the function of intellectual property from both a consumer and creator perspective"

6. Music and Copyright

In this video, YouTube Creators tackle questions related to copyright and music on YouTube. They cover things such ads "copyright strikes for cover songs, what rights you need to use a song in a video, and other options for using music in your videos".

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