Four Good Resources for Science Teachers

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April 20, 2014
Below are four good resources for science teachers that I have bookmarked awhile ago but never had the time to share them here till tonight. For  more resources on Science, visit "science resources for teachers" section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

1-Science Buddies

Science Buddies is a great resource where teachers can find inspiration for science fair projects, experiments, and lesson plans. There are actually over 100 project ideas in all areas of science.

2- New York Times Science Page

New York Times Science page features a wide variety of short video covering an array of scientific phenomena. Videos are arranged int mean categories: Science Take and CreatureCast.

3- Science 360

Science 360 is another great library of science videos that teachers can use with their students. Videos in Science 360 are searchable either via topic or through series.

4- Reactions Everyday Science

Reactions Everuday Science is a YouTube channel that provides illustrative tutorials and videos on different scientific events.