Excellent iPad Apps for Arts Teachers

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April , 2014
An art student can do a lot with a physical canvas. Imagine what that student could do with a digital canvas. Here are a set of tools for students of art, though any teacher striving to be creative may find these useful.

Need a little inspiration? Like writing prompts, these art prompts can give the creative engine a kick start.


 A professionally-designed yet simple drawing app for kids. Allows artwork to be shared within a parent-approved network.


Digital art doesn't only have to be visual. It can include audio as well, something this simple music maker can offer.

MoMA Art Lab 

From the Museum of Modern Art, this free app includes hands-on activities like making collages, drawings, paintings, etc.
 Studying a Van Gogh painting? Packed full of information and history, all art history apps should be this interactive.

For more tools, check out these collections:

Creativity & Design Tools

A collection of web-based tools & apps for creativity and design. Curated by Dr. Annette Kratcoski.

High School Art Apps

A collection of apps that can be used by high school students. Curated by art educator Kelly Little.