Excellent iPad App for Learning English Grammar

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April 12, 2014
English Monstruo is an iPad app that provides a wide variety of games and interactive exercises to help students learn verb conjugation and correct spelling. Engish Monstruo is developed by Cambridge University Press (CUP) based on the analysis of more than 200.000 exams taken by Spanish speakers.Using a sophisticated linguistic software called  Cambridge Enlgish Corpus, linguists in CUP identify the most frequent errors Spanish speakers have made and the specific difficulties they have faced in their exams.

English Monstuo provides students with 8 games covering different activities including fill-in the blanks and scrambled words.Students will also get to discover what the 45 most common spelling mistakes made by Spanish speakers are or the 15 most typical"false friends". These games and exercises are designed for the upper intermediate level.

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