Everything Teachers Need to Know about Remind101

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April 18, 2014
Remind101 is a great web tool that provides teachers with a way to safely text message students and stay in touch with parents. You can send your Remind101 messages from your computer or phone. Remind101 apps for iPad, iPhone and Android are now available. One of the best things I like about this tool is the unanimity feature. Neither students nor teachers could see each others phone numbers

There are 3 simple steps to use Remind 101 : Create a class, share a code, and send messages.

Here is how it works:
Each class you create is assigned a unique code which is what students and parents use to sign up for your notifications.To sign up, they need to send Remind101 a text message with their unique code
The good thing about Remind101 is that it works on any phone and it does not have to be a smartphone. Once they do that they will be subscribed to your class and will receive a message anytime you send it. There is a section in Remind101 where you can review your messages to see when they were sent and who they were sent to.

Some of the features that Remind101 provides for teachers include:
  • You can schedule your messages to be sent later
  • Remind101 is safe because students are identified by name not number. This means that no teacher would ever be able to see a student cellphone number and also students would not see teachers numbers.
  • Remind101 allows teachers to download all or part of their message history. This can be done through 'export message history' feature .
  • Remind101 has recently added a new feature called "send a few" that supports sending text messages to subgroups of students and parents. Before this update, teachers could only send messages to the whole class.
  • Use Remind101 Attach to send photos, assignments and presentations to your students.
Subscribing instructions for your students and parents are now available in English, Spanish and French! Check them out here.

Here are some video tutorials to help you learn more about Remind101 and how to use some of its features:

1- What is Remind101

2- How to message individual subscribers

3- Remind101 Attach: Send photos, assignments, and presentations

4- Watch how Clintondale High school uses Remind101