Control What Students Can Do with iPad Using Guided Access Functionality

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April 7, 2014
If not properly used, iPad can also be a source of a major distraction for students. In fact, one of the common thing that happens in classrooms using iPad is that some students take the opportunity when  iPad is on to wander off topic and get lost in iPad meanderings. So next time you want to use iPad with students make sure you activate the Guided Access functionality which will limit what students will be able to do on iPad.

Guided  Access keeps the iPad in a single app, and allows you to control which features are available. Here is a visual guide to show you how to enable Guided Access on your iPad.

1- Find 'settings' in your iPad and click on it

2- Select 'general' then click on 'accessibility'

3- Enable Guided access and then set a password to use when Guided access is enabled.

4- Now head over to the app your student want to use, click on it and from within the app triple click on the home button.

5- You will see the Guide Access activation page, customize the options as you see fit then hit 'start'.