A Wonderful Augmented Reality App for Your Students

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April 8, 2014
CyberChase Shape Quest is an excellent app from PBS Kids. The app combines games, puzzles and 3D augmented reality and is designed particularly to help kids ( ages 6-9 ) use geometry and spacial reasoning to develop their problem solving skills.

One of the interesting features of CyberChase is called 'Patch The Patch' in which kids can use their iPad camera to combine the real world with 3D digital content.They travel through 30 levels in 5 different environments and apply spatial memory, visualization and modelling skills, while investigating, predicting, putting together and taking apart two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Other features of CyberChase include:

  • NOTICE: Only works with tablet devices that feature rear-facing cameras. 
  • 3 different games focused on building geometry, spatial reasoning and problem solving skills
  • 80 fun-filled educational puzzles
  • 5 fantastic Botopolis environments each with its own animal friends
  • Augmented reality game interface brings the Patch The Path game into the physical world, fully engaging the player's senses and spatial thinking skills 

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