A Visual Guide to The Use of Google Books for Research

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April 19, 2014
Google Books is one of the wonderful research tools I use when searching for books. Google Books provides some important features  for conducting accurate book searches and allows users to do a lot of things with the books they find. They can for instance search for key words and phrases from within the book, clip a portion of the text and share it, and download the book in different formats : PDF, EPUB, and in plain text. These and several other features render Google Books a great search platform that our students can draw on to help them with their research projects.

Here is a visual guide I created to help you learn more about the different things you can with Google Books. Check out the presentation version of this visual at the end of this post.

Head over to Google Books and :

1- Type in the title of your book

2- To refine your search, click on "search tools"

3- Click on " Any document" and choose the type of document you want: books, magazines or any document.

4- Search for books by publication dates

5- Sort your books by relevance or by date

6-Choose whether you want to see a full view or preview and full view or any view

7- Click on the "gear" icon to download the book in PDF format, EPUB format or in plain text

8- Jump to any section in the book

9- Search for keywords inside the book

10- Highlight any portion of the book to clip and share it

11- Select whether you want to read the book in single page format, two pages, or view a thumbnails of all its pages.

12- Add the book to your library