9 Simple Steps To Create A Good Presentation Using Google Drive

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April 2, 2014
Google has recently revamped a bunch of its key services including Google Presentation. One essential feature Google added to Presentation was image customization. With this new update users can now crop, mask, and add borders to images without leaving Slides. Just select an image and you'll see this functionality appear in the toolbar, Format menu, and context menu.

However, today I went ahead and created this simple step by step guide to help those of you who are not yet familiar with Google Presentation and show them  how they can easily create and share slideshows using Google Drive. You can also share this guide with your students to enhance their presentation making skills.

1- Head over to your Google Drive , click on "create" and select " presentation"

2- Select a theme for your presentation

3- Choose the layout that you want to apply to your slides.
You can, for instance, choose a layout with the title and subtitle for the first slide of your presentation and other formats for the remaining slides.

4- Insert images, videos, shapes, lines and tables into your slides

5- Add a comment your slides

6- Import slides into your presentation

7- Apply transitions to your slides

8- Add a new or duplicate slide to your presentation

9- Share your presentation with others

Here is a slideshow version of this guide: