9 Handy iPad Apps to Create Instructional Multimedia Materials for Your Class

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April 27, 2014
After we have learned about the iPad apps to help us assess our students learning and create more interaction in the classroom, today's post from " iPad as Teachers' Pet " features a set of great apps that you can use to create instructional media for your class. These apps will allow you to design a variety of multimedia productions to share with students.

1- Stick Around

Design labelling, sorting, and matching puzzles for your students using stick around. Play as a group, hand your iPad ff to students, or share to other iPads.

2- Explain Everything

Use Explain Everything to record your voice as you draw on a whiteboard. You can also import images and video and add annotations and animations.

3- Educreations

Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Videos are uploaded to your page on educreations.com

4- VideoScribe HD

Create animated  videos with VideoScribe HD by placing text and illustrations on a canvas. Your narration plays as a hand draws what's on the canvas.

5- Snapguide

Share beautiful step-by-step how-to guides using Snapguide. Take or import photos or video and add captions. Guides are published on snapguide.com

6- Haiku Deck

Create stunning slideshows with Haiku Deck. Simply enter your text to see copyright-friendly images that you can use as backgrounds.


Create, edit, present, and share presentations that zoom and rotate using Prezi. Insert text and images onto a large canvas. Uploads to Prezi.com

8-Strip Designer

Craft your own comic strip pr book with Strip Designer. Select a template, insert photos, and add balloons.

9- Audioboo

Use Audioboo to record up to 10 minutes of audio. Every recording generates a link that you can copy and share.

9- Songify

Songify turns speech into singing. Your voice is auto-tuned and combined wit music