5 Useful iPad Apps to Assess Students Works

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April 22, 2014
This is the third post in a series of posts covering the wonderful work of Tony vincent' iPad as Teacher's Pet'. Today, I am sharing with you  5 useful iPad apps Tony featured in his visual. These apps will help you grade sudent works, keep anecdotal notes, track students progress and collect learning artifacts. Enjoy.

Three Ring

Three Ring is an app and a website. Use the app to digitize student work by taking photos or recording video or voice. The student work is securely synced to the teacher's account at Threering.com where the teacher can add comments. Items can be shared with students and parents.


While not specifically made for assessment, Evernote works well to collect learning artifacts and make anecdotal notes. Make a notebook for each class and a note for each student. Notes can include text, images, video, audio, and other files. The Evernote app is synced with Evernote for Mac, PC, and Web.


Easily find or create rubrics in your web browser. Complete them by going to ForAllRubrics.com in Safari on your iPad. Safari can store and sync rubrics for use offline. You can print rubrics or save a PDF or spreadsheet. You can also have students log in to view their rubrics.

Qucik Key

Quick Key eliminates hand-grading of multiple choice answer sheets. A teacher inputs classes, students, and quizzes into the app or into the web interface at quickkeyapp.com. Students fill in the Quick Key bubble sheet and the app grades it instantly by scanning it  through the iPad's camera.


iDoceo is your new powerful and easy to use gradebook for the iPad. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages in real time as you put information in. No internet connection is required to use it. You can insert any kind information for each class, student and semester visually, no more boring spreadsheets. Scroll , expand, filter, export,import and view your information at any time.