4 Web Tools to Create Presentations without Installing Any Software

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April 21, 2014
There are a slew of useful web  tools that teachers and students can use to create awesome presentations and slideshows without having to install any piece of software. I am sharing with you below my four favourite tools that I have been recommending to teachers and students:

1- Google Presentation

This is by all my means one of the best free presentation tool out there. Google Presentation is part of the productivity suite that comes with Google Drive. It allows you to integrated text, images, videos, import/export slides, customize the size of our slides, insert themes and many more.
To learn how to use Google Presentation read:" 9 Steps to Create A Good Presentation Using Google Presentation"

2- Haiku Deck

This is probably the best addition to the web-based presentation tools. Haiku was initially working only on mobile devices but a couple of days ago the web version was launched; however to use it you need to request an invitation.

3- Prezi

This is another great presentation tool that I have been using for awhile now. What I like the most about Prezi is the dynamism and interactivity it adds to the animation of the slides. Prezi slides can also be embedded in your classroom blog or website.

Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that helps you to create and deliver presentations. You can now take your presentations wherever you go, apply new ideas instantly, review, edit, share and deliver presentations on the go. Watch this video to learn more about Zoho Presentation.