27 Ways Teachers Can Facilitate Learning in Today's Classrooms

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April 27, 2014
Technology and teaching pedagogy are engaged in a symbiotic relationship and  developments in the earlier are reflected in the form of changes in the latter. One instance of this symbiotic relationship is the new conceptualization of the roles taken up by today's teacher and students . For centuries ago, teachers were viewed as the centre of knowledge with an authoritative and teacher centred style while students were looked at as passive recipients of knowledge, buckets to be filled.

However, among several other reasons, the recent digital revolution has the most impact on changing these traditional roles. The open and widespread access to information together with the new skills and digital habits that emerged as a result of this heavily digitized culture of todays learners, the teacher-student roles have been radically transformed.  The teaching pedagogy is more student centred with teachers as facilitators guiding learners through an exploratory journey of meaning making in the class. This facilitation of learning takes many forms and successful teachers are those who spice up their teaching methodology with different ways to present and facilitate learning in their class. Mia from Anethicalisland has this wonderful graphic that features 27 ways teachers can guide and facilitate learning. Enjoy

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