Wonderful Visual on SAMR As A Framework for Education 3.0

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March , 2014
The notion of education3.0 is relatively new and I personally still can not clearly demarcate the boundaries between education 2.0 and education 3.0 for the lines separating them are so invisibly fine. However, as Dr Jackie Gernstein argues, " education3.0 is based on the belief that content is freely and readily available as is characteristic of web 3.0. It is self-directed, interest-based learning, where problem-solving, innovation and creativity drive education. Education 3.0 is also about the three Cs: connectors, creators, and constructivists.

I also find it interesting how Dr Jackie linked the different SAMR levels to these three notions of education I talked about above. I invite you to have a look at her infographic and also read her article for more details.