Wonderful Resources to Integrate Technology in Your Classroom

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March 23, 2014
In today's post I want to draw your attention to a treasure trove of insightful resources related to the use and integration of technology in classrooms. Interesting Ways series created by Tom Barrett is a great page full of tutorials and guides on a wide array of topics including interesting ways to :

  • Use Google Search in Classroom
  • Use google Maps in the Classroom
  • Use the iPad in the Classroom
  • Use Mobile Phones in Classroom
  • Use Web Conferencing in Classroom
  • Use Audio in your Classroom
  • UseQR codes in Classroom

snapshot of Tom's " Interesting Ways series.

Interesting Ways series is a crowdsourced bank of ideas that relies on collective wisdom of the web to co-construct knowledge and build ideas that can benefit other teachers and educators. I invite you to check the different resources Tom made available through his page and if you think you have something 0f value to add to these resources , get in touch with Tom. Enjoy