Two Things Every Student Should Know about Google Scholar

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March 25, 2014
Google Scholar has a wealth of resources that are not usually available through several search engines including Google itself. Google scholar is geared towards scholarly and academic content like peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations, theses and many more.As such, Google Scholar is an essential element in students learning toolkit.
Besides being a search engine for scholarly content, Google Scholar also provides a host of other great features to help students in their research. Below are two important tips students can use with Google Scholar, check out this post for more tips.

1- Google Scholar Alerts
A couple of days ago I talked here about Google Alert and explained how you can use it to keep track of relevant  new content on the web. Google Scholar has a similar feature called "Alerts" which allows users to create  alerts around a certain search topic and be notified each time something new is posted in Google Scholar related to that query.
Here is how you can create a Google Scholar Alert:

First make sure you are logged in to your Google account then head over to Google Scholar homepage and click on "Alerts"

Click on "create alert"

Type in your alert query, your email and select the number of results you want to be displayed. You can choose up to display up to 20. Next click on "create alert".

2- Create a Google scholar Library
Google Scholar allows you to save any article or link right into your library. To do so,  make sure you are logged in to your Google account then head over to Google Scholar main page and  click on library.

Next, click on " enable"

Now you can easily start adding articles and links you come across in Google Scholar by simply clicking on the button "save" as shown in the screenshot below. Click "My library" to see all the articles in your library and search their full text.