Tips and Tools to Help you Better integrate Technology in Your Instruction

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March 30, 2014
Looking for some ideas on how to integrate technology in your instruction? Dr. Kimberly Tyson from Learning Unlimited has these excellent tips to share with you. In this visual she created she outlined 6 practical ideas to help you choose digital tools to support students learning. For each of these ideas she provided a bunch of web tools that you can use to attain them.

While the web tools  Dr Kimberly suggested serve the purpose pretty well, however, based on my long experience with reviewing education tools, I picked some more titles to add to her visual. Here are my suggestions:

Tools to create individualized learning experiences for students:
Tools that support classroom instruction
Tools that facilitate collaboration
Tools to help students curate content
In addition to Paperli, Pinterest, Flipboard and Scoopit I would add:

Tools to helps students stay organized:

digital tips for teachers