The Best Two Web Tools To Safely Text Parents and Students

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March 30, 2014
 Integrating technology in your classroom teaching should not only be limited to instructional activities to enhance students learning but should also be used to open up new venues to connect the classroom to its immediate community and engage other parties in the learning taking place inside the four walls. One of these parties are parents. One way to engage parents and keep them in the know of their kids learning is through exchanging text messages with them using services that do not reveal personal phone numbers or any other contact information. Below are two of the best services that teachers can use to send individual or group messages to parents.

1-ClassDojo's messaging service

This is a new service ClassDojo launched a few days ago to enable teachers to communicate with parents through text messages. This communication can either be done on a one-to-one level or on a group level. Teachers can also use the "read receipts" to know which parents have seen their message and most important of all, no contact information of either teachers or parents are revealed.

2- Remind 101

Remind 101 is another wonderful web tool that teachers can use to send text messages to a small group of parents.  After creating a text messaging list  parents can opt in to receive messages without them knowing your phone number or them yours. Over the years, Remind 101 has added a slew of interesting features that made this tool a powerful application to use in your class.One of the great features that has been recently added include the ability for teachers to download a part or all of the message history.Remind 101 will then send the downloaded history in a PDF document.
Watch tis video to learn more about  Remind 101.

Other options to try include: