The 8 Steps of A Great Digital Storytelling Process

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March , 2014
Integrating digital storytelling requires more than just knowledge of the web tools to use for creating and sharing digital stories, the process if much more important. Helping kids and students learn through the use of digital storytelling entails the implementation of a well-paced plan that clearly outlines both the objectives and expectations behind this integration.

 Samantha Morra (Google certified teacher) has this wonderful visual on the process of digital storytelling. This process comprises 8 steps :

  1. Come with an idea
  2. Research/explore and learn
  3. Write/Script
  4. Storyboard/Plan
  5. Gather/create images, gather/create audio, gather create video.
  6. Put it all together
  7. Share
  8. Feedback and reflect

If you are looking for some web tools for teaching digital storytelling, I would recommend this page.

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