The 3 Best Alternatives to YouTube for Teachers

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March 29, 2014
YouTube is by all means one of the primary video hosting websites teachers flock to when looking for video materials to use with their students. However, searching through a condensed platform such as YouTube is  time consuming given the abundance of irrelevant content on it and hence the importance of having handy websites that provide curated video content specifically designed for student audience. In this regard, I am sharing with you three of my favourite video resources that I have been recommending to teachers over the last couple of years.

1- SchoolTube

SchoolTube is one of the largest K-12 moderated video sharing platform, specifically designed for students and educators. Teachers can use it to search for educational video content to use in class. SchoolTube also allows you to create your won channel where you can upload videos to share with you students.

2- Next Vista

All videos in the regular collections of NextVista are for a student audience, highlighting the creativity of students and teachers around the world. Next Vista features there principal collections: Seeing Services ( contains inspiring videos), Global Views ( this category contains videos to teach students about  cross-cultural understanding ) and the final category is Light Bulb which contains video tutorials and how-to guides.

3- TeacherTube

Teacher Tube is another good alternative for YouTube. It too provides a wide variety of educational videos created by teachers and students. There is also a "classroom" section where teachers can have  access to specifically curated content to use in class.

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