The 11 Ways Schools Use Social Media

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March 24, 2014
Social media is making such huge inroads into education. The affordances this move provides way outnumber its risks and hence the pervasive embrace of social media within many schools and colleges. Stats coming out of different studies and surveys prove it: 84% of universities and colleges now use Twitter to reach out  to students. The visual below sheds more light on the use of social media in education and provides interesting numbers and stats about this use.

Here is a brief round-up of the main ways schools use social media:

In class:
  • Class announcements and discussions are shared on sites like Twitter
  • Professors share learning materials and more on blogs and networking sites.
Potential students:
  • Colleges offer virtual tours that include 360 images and videos
  • Colleges can reach out to potential students who mention them on Twitter or comment on the school's blog
General Outreach:
  • Social sites provide a platform to promote activities, receive feedback and start conversation
  • Schools can reach out to parents and keep them up-to-date
  • Alumni groups can connect and grow
Professional Development:
  • Instructors learn more about their industries through social venues
  • They can network with other professors
School pride:
  • Colleges create mascot Facebook pages to encourage school spirit
  • Free school swag and materials are offered online

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