Teacher Resources for Learning about Copyright and Fair Use

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February 11, 2014
Working with digital media materials implicitly entails a tacit knowledge about the different concepts related to copyright and fair use.  I have always insisted through the posts I shared in the "copyright materials for teachers " section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning on the importance of teaching our students about how to properly credit sources and documents they grab from Internet.

Of course copyright literature is huge and complicated and is hard to understand it all but having a working rudimentary knowledge of what relates to copyright issues within educational settings is not something to sweat over. In this regard, I am sharing with you  this great course entitled "Copyright Crash Course" from University of Texas that outlines in a very clear and eloquent language the different things we, as teachers and students, need to know about copyright.

The main points covered in this course are featured below. Click on each title to access the materials related to it.