Teach Students to Effectively Search Google Image Using Both Text and Images

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March 24, 2014
Here is a quick tip I learned from Daniel Russel on using Google Image. This tip is about using Google Image for conducting a search query about a certain image. Usually, the traditional way of using Google Image is by typing a textual input into the search pane and start browsing through the page results displayed, but how about looking for images you already have? For instance, let's suppose you have a picture on your desktop of a monument from a museum you have visited and you want to know more information about that monument. For this you need to upload your picture to Google Image or simply drag and drop it into the search pane and click on "search". If your search does not return the results you want then try refining your search by adding some words to your query. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of this technique by Daniel Russel.

You can use this strategy with your students to teach them how to effectively search for images and gather information about them. They can for example use their phones and take pictures of artifacts and the upload them to Google Image to learn more about them.