Cool Visual On How Teachers and Students See Social Media

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March 17, 2014
The concept of the use of social media within schools is still not well received within the educational circles. There is still a lot of debates and heated discussions as to whether teens social networking practices are healthy literacy practices or not. In her wonderful book "It's complicated: The Social Lives of networked Teens", Boyd Danah makes it clear that social media is a pivotal element in teens emotional and social growth and instead of fear mongering habits we grown-ups have towards teens use of these platforms together with the excessive protectionism and paternalism that usually accompany these habits, we need to allow more freedom for  teens to use and interact with the tools they like the most.

As to the ways teachers and students see social media, We Are Teachers has this cool visual that outlines how students and teachers view the use of each of the six social networking websites mentioned below.

Click HERE to check the full graphic.

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