An Excellent Guide on Teaching Students about The Research Process

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March , 2014
In a post I shared yesterday I talked about the 8 key search skills every student should have and today I am sharing with you this wonderful tutorial from Berkeley University called The Research 101 Workshop. In this workshop you will be provided with invaluable tips, ideas and activities on how to teach your students about the research process from developing a topic to finding full-text articles online.

This tutorial aims at helping students leverage practical search skills to write a research paper. Its main focus is on the process of doing research. Below is a brief synopsis of the main ideas covered in this workshop and you can check the full version of this workshop here. Use the arrow on the top right side to navigate the slides. Form more useful tutorials to recommend to your students, check out this page.
  • How much do you already know
  • Read your assignment carefully
  • Understand your assignment
  • Pick a good topic
  • Too broad, too narrow or just right
  • Identify Potential Ideas
  • Customize Your Topic
  • Turn Your Topic into a Question
  • What’s Your Angle?
  • Find Your Keywords
  • A Symphony of Synonyms
  • Dive Into a Sea of Resources!
  • What Do You Know?
  • Matching Resources to Your Information Need
  • Quiz: What Have You Learned?
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