Amazing Facts about How Technology is Transforming Education

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March 22, 2014
The educational landscape is witnessing a transformational revolution fuelled by recent developments in the digital world and wide internet access. With this new revolution key players in education are being assigned new roles that set them off from those traditional stereotypes that permeated the teaching/learning pedagogy and practice of the previous centuries.

ISTE 2013 survey, whose results are featured in the visual below, brings to the surface some interesting stats and facts about the role of technology in the transformation of education. I have gone through some of these stats and I am really taken aback by the spectacular speed of these changes in education. Here is a brief round-up of some of these stats.

Stats about Technology transforming learning:
  • 50% of students  ages 10 to 18 go online for homework help at least once a week
  • 75% of students ages 5-7 regularly use technology to play educational games
  • students who study on mobile devices spend 40 minutes more per week studying than those who don't
Stats about Technology transforming teaching:
  • 91% of administrators say effective use of ed tech is critical to their mission of high student achievement
  • 74% of administrators say digital content in schools increases student engagement
  • 77% of teachers say technology use in the classroom motivates students to learn
  • 76% of teachers say technology allows them to respond to a variety of learning styles

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